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Woman Lived 7 Years With Towel Inside Body
Bonnie Valle lived the last seven years of her life with a towel the size of a large hand towel lodged behind her left lung. The towel was discovered upon autopsy and had been left there during a 1995 surgery for emphysema.

Woman Injured By Leaping Dolphin
A dolphin seriously injured a 27 year old woman when it leapt out of the water and hit her while she was sitting in the bow of a boat. She is in serious condition but the dolphin was not hurt....

Woman Trapped Under Fridge for 4 Days
A California woman was trapped under her fridge for four days.

Stingray Stabs Man in Heart
James Bertakis, 81, of Lighthouse Point, Florida was in a boat with his granddaughters when a stingray flopped into the boat and stung him.

Broken Pelvis for A Flying Elvis
A Flying Elvis broke his pelvis while skydiving with the Flying Elvi.

Doctors Find Bug in Ear of Teen Football Star
A teen football star woke up with noise and pain in his right ear. It turned out there was more than wax buildup in there.

She Had a Bat Day
You think you had a bad day? Try finding out that you've been drinking bat tea all day. A woman went to clean out her tea cup and discovered a drowned bat in the cup.

Woman Sees Jesus in MRI of Spine
Rhonda Hodge says she sees Jesus in MRI scans of her spine.

When Mannequins Attack
Diana Newton of Westminster, Texas is suing the J.C. Penney Co. after an experience with a legless mannequin left her with a cracked molar, shoulder pain, and a bleeding scalp.

Breast Implants Save Woman from Rocket Fire
An Israeli woman's life was saved by her breast implants when she was caught in Hezbollah rocket fire. This is reminiscent of a news story a while back about a woman whose breast implants saved her life in a car accident.

Fish Gone Wild: Sturgeon Knocks Man Unconscious
Now a 4-foot-long sturgeon jumped out of the water and hit a man, knocking him unconscious.

Blue Marlin Spears Fisherman Through Chest
A man taking part in an international fishing tournament in Bermuda ended up being caught himself when an 800 pound blue marlin leapt across the boat and speared him in the chest.

Doctors Remove Many Objects from Man's Stomach
A Serbian boy had surgery to remove some unusual objects from his stomach, including eight nails, a knife, a pen, a screw, a spoon, and a clothes-peg.

Woman Gets Stuck to Toilet, Suffers Burns
A woman in Council Bluffs, Iowa got stuck to a toilet seat in a shopping mall and had to be removed by paramedics. They used nail polish remover to remove her nd she ended up with burns


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